Fannin County SocceR Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions during the registration period.  If you have an additional question, please email us at 

​Q. How are the teams formed?
A. DRAFT Procedure:

- If the player is returning from previous season then the player will return to the same team.
- New players and players that did not play during previous season will be entered into the general draft.
- Players with registration address that is south of Hwy. 121 and/or Hwy. 11 will be placed on a Fannin South team. This includes Trenton,Leonard, Bailey, etc. Practice fields for Fannin South are located in Leonard.
- All other players will be placed in Fannin Central district. These teams will practice at the Bonham Sports Complex.
- Age groups will be established at the end of registration period. Typical age groups are age 4-5, 6-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-17. Players will be placed in appropriate age group based upon players age on July 31st 2014.
- Players will be allowed to play on age group up provided the players age is within 1 year of next age group above.  Written letter from parents must be submitted to FCSA before request is approved.

Q. How and when are the parents/guardians notified?
A. The draft for the current season will be held once registration is complete.  Once the teams are established, the coaches are notified.  The team coach will contact all parents/guardians regarding practice dates and times. 

Q. Where are the practices and games held?
A. The FCSA soccer fields are located at the Bonham Sports Complex located just off Silo Road in Bonham.  Most coaches also hold practices at the fields on various nights of the week.  Your child's coach will notify you of where and when the team will practice.  Generally, the coaches will pole the parents to determine what nights work best for everyone.  U12 teams and up practice in Bonham at the Sports Complex, but play all games in Sherman, TX.

Q. When are the games?
A. The games are held on Saturdays.  Game schedules will be established once the draft and team rosters are complete.  Watch for the "Game Schedules" page on our website for this information.

Q. What towns can participate?   
A. All towns within Fannin County. 

Q. When will the game schedules be posted?
A. The game schedules should be posted in the near future.  

Q. What type of equipment does my child need?
A. Shin guards are mandatory.  Players will not be allowed to play without them.  Cleats are optional; but note, only soccer cleats are allowed.  Other sport cleats are not allowed, as they have "toe cleats" that can be harmful to other players.  A ball is also optional.  A size chart is available on the Extra Info page. 

Q. What if I volunteered to coach?
A. A coach's meeting will be scheduled once the draft is complete.  Coaches will receive their team roster and select their team colors for the uniforms.  A Coach's Clinic will also be held for all coaches.  Additionally, all coaches must complete a background check and be approved to coach. 

Q.  What age does my child need to be to register? 

A.  Your child age on January 1st of 2017 would need to be between 3 and 14.